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Monday, 13 September 2010

Five lovely peeps, Two lovely awards, One bad me!!

Do you know, I am such a rubbish person!!  I have been so lucky to have been given a couple of lovely awards from five fab crafty friends recently but I haven't shown them here!!  My problem is that I know I have to pass them on but I can never decide who to give them too!  I follow so many fantastic blogs and to pick only a select few - well, I just can't do it!!  So I thought, I should at least show my gratitude to the girlies who have been so kind as to give them to me - and believe me, I do love to receive them!  Then, I think I will go away and ponder a bit more about what to do.  So onto the first award:

This gorgeous award has been given to me by Kathleen, Vicky and Coops - three lovely people, who I feel are true friends and Kathleen and I have even got together for a couple of crafty days!!  I have to do five things in accepting this award:
  1. Thank the ladies who passed it onto me - thanks ladies!
  2. Show the Award - Tick
  3. Tell three things I like about me - hhmmm - I love, love, love my lovelies, I like my hair and I like my jokes ( even though no-one else ever laughs at them!)
  4. Post a favourite pic - well it has to be a pic of my lovelies!
 5.  Now onto the difficult bit - passing it onto only five people - can I do it?  Don't    know -  come back later to find out!!!

This next award has been given to me by two other bloggy mateys, and one of them is my oldest matey in 'real' life too!  They would be Lesley, who I've known since primary school, and the lovely Jules, who I've known for a few years now 'on line'! Thanks both!!

This one I'm need to pass onto seven people, so let me have a think!

Hope I'll be back later!!


Pam said...

Well deserved Hon. Sorry I haven't left you many comments recently life seems to have taken over!! Hugs Pam x

Crafty Chris said...

You deserve them Julie, and that is a lovely photo getting more and more like there lovely mother.
Chris x

Kathleen said...

you're welcome hun!! you deserve it.
fingers crossed for a get-together in the not too distant future!! hubby found out last week when he starts his new job - that would be today!! so he's down there for the week. hopefully we'll get a house soon too!!!

kathleen mc xxx

coops said...

congratulations on your awards julie.very much deserved and you have reminded me that i some to post too, oops :)

xx coops xx

Grenouille Greetings said...

Gosh but your lovelies look - well - lovely! Lx