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Friday, 18 March 2011

Can you see my blog? Grrrrrrrhhhhhh!

What a blummin nightmare!!  Haven't been able to get onto my blog all week as it wasn't loading and it seems like that I wasn't the only one as I've had no visitors "sad face".

The hubster has been on the case and it seems that it was to do with my visitor counter that had been hacked or something by the counter provider - as soon as I've deleted it, I've got everything back!!

So happy and so relieved and will be getting in some hopping as I've missed you all!! 


coops said...

yeah you`re back julie.i was so worried.i could see you in my dashboard but your page was blank.i had the same last year, mine was my hit counter too, i use the blogger counter instead now.
really pleased to see you back :D

xx coops xx

The Crafty Den said...

Aww poor thing it's horrible when the 'puter plays up isn't it lol!. Glad everything is back to normal :) Hugs, Denise x

~@ngie~ said...

WB DARL... woz up & loaded within a minute so ya hubster deserves a hug... maybe even a lil kiss lolol ;o) love n hugz Angie xXx

Vicky said...

Oh hunni I can see you! What a nightmare for you and this isn't the first time I have heard of a similar problem...glad you are back and I look forward to seeing your gorgeous creations :o)

big hugs Vicky xx

Elizabeth said...

Hi Julie, I can see you now too. Too bad when the visitor counter provider is the source of the problem - it's supposed to serve not attack! Hope all goes well for you from now on. Elizabeth x

Milliesmarvels said...

I can see you! Welcome back!

Lorraine said...

oh huni what a nightmare glad it is sorted now xx

Daniele said...

ohhh ohhh can see you now julie glad you've got things sorted

Pam said...

I did wonder what was wrong as I popped in a few times but it wouldn't let me see anything, glad your back! Hugs Pamx

Kathleen said...

if it's any consolation, you weren't the only one this happened to!
glad you like my new blog - i was bullied int it by teresa (craftingallday) and kerry (pickle) over on docrafts. they really twisted my arm up my back!!
but i do wish i'd had something like that when i was setting my blog up - and the same questions are always being asked over on dc every time someone sets up a blog so we figured write it all down once and refer people there!!!

off to take a look at some of your lovely cards xx