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Sunday, 4 April 2010

Two Awards!

A very belated Happy Easter to everyone - can't believe it, I didn't make any Easter cards this year but it's been a very low key Easter in many ways as everyone's been off doing different things!

My girls, Holly and Emily, and I had an eight hour round trip to Lincoln yesterday for lunch with my mum, sisters, nieces and nephews and one or two boyfriends/girlfriends.  Lovely to see everyone, and great food thanks Mum!! Think I missed a turning on the way back, despite my SatNav and ended up coming down the M1!

My boy, Harry, has gone up to the Lakes today for a week of walking with his cousin who lives up there!  Now, to say I'm worried is a bit of an understatement - his ruck sack felt like a ton of bricks - and he expects to climb various summits including Striding Edge!!  But what can you do! Anyway, Uncle Alex to the rescue if their feet get too cold at night!!

That brings me neatly onto this award that I received a while back from Andria at Iona Rose designs - Andria lives in the Lake District, lucky lady!!
As I said, she passed it on a few weeks ago now but I didn't post it up, I think because I'm supposed to tell you 7 interesting things about myself and I couldn't think of that many!!  The only thing that might interest you is that I can touch my nose with my tongue - my party piece!!  Anyway, a belated thank you for this, Andria-I was trawling through your blog looking for the icon and you really have some gorgeous cards posted!!

The next award is from Nic (Coops) who I've known for quite a while in forum/blogland- another very talented and prolific card maker- again thanks, my dear!!
The problem I have is in choosing who to pass them on to, there are so many fabulous, creative people out there, and many of the people I would pass them onto already have them!!  So,  I'm copping out and not making any tough decisions, which I hate to do anyway, and giving this to any of my followers who happen to stop by and read this!!  Enjoy!!!

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