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Wednesday, 23 September 2009

My Lovely Followers! Updated - Phew, you're back!!!

I can no longer see my list of lovely followers so am unable to make a return visist to anyone who has been kind enough to follow me!  I also can't see any one else's 'follow' link on their blogs so am unable to add to my ever growing list of blogs I love to drop in on!  It seems to be a widespread  but random problem for other bloggers so I hope Blogger will rectify soon!!!!

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Caroline said...

It Happened to me a while back but sorted itself out quickly! Caroline x

Pam said...

Hi Julie I have the same problem. Pam

Jane said...

I think it must be a problem with blogger.
All the blogs I have been looking at today have the followers missing.

gina g said...

HI Hunny don't worry i lost all of mine Monday but they are all back now, I sat for ages trying to figure out what was wrong lol. luv gina xx

Rica said...

Oh Julie, I do sympathise - it's so frustrating when things like this happen. Hope it soon sorts itself out. 'Spect it will find it's way to me - problems usually do sooner or later (lol).
hugs Heather xx

Michelle said...

Hi Julie,

That happened to me last week and it was fine in a few days, hope the same happens for you!

Your blog is wonderful!

michelle :)

Pam said...

Hi Julie great to see its back, so is mine!


Pam said...

Hi Julie its nice to see my followers back, but I don't know if you are having any other probs all the blogs I follow have dropped of my radar and my blog list says I'm not following any!! arg..