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Tuesday, 16 February 2010

OMG - I'm exhausted after all that hopping!

No card from me tonight - I've just been totally sidetracked by the fab blog hop on Mo's Digital Pencil!  Wowsa, the DT cards were fantastic and there's also one or two new images in there too!  The anagram at the end was making my brain ache but got it in the end and have now totally run out of time to make the card that I should have done!! 

I heard from Emily today to say that she's having a fantastic time skiing, despite a cold, and is in the advanced group!  Yep, my daughter has kept me up to speed again! Actually, the more I think about it, the worse I feel about not phoning as I should have, but thanks anyway for all your comments - they have kept a smile on my face!! 


Faerielore said...

Glad shes enjoying the trip and your not totally in the dog house hun hehehehe xxxx

Pam said...

Glad she's having a fab time and is not too traumatised by her mothers disorganisation:-). I planned to do Mo's blog hop yesterday but got distracted!!
Hugs Pam