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Sunday, 9 November 2008

My first Tagging! a great blogger, and now, I hope, a new friend who I met for the first time yesterday - Kathleen - yaaaaayyhhyyyy!

It's a nice way to find out a bit about your favourite bloggers, so these are the rules. You have to link to the person who tagged you and list the rules on your blog.

Then answer the five questions and tag five people. Add links to their blogs, and let them know they've been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

Things I Love
1. Cold, crisp and sunny winter days
2. Chocolate - perhaps I should have listed that first!
3. My wonderful but sometimes exasperating children ( and my hubby of course!)
4. Craft wise, I'm a sucker for pretty papers.
5. A really good, all engrossing book.

Things I Hate
1. Rudeness
2. Housework
3. Being patronised.
4. The rain - it makes my hair frizzy!
5. Peanut butter

Music on iPod or Playlist(Don't have either but this is what I'm listening to in the car)
1. Elbow - The Seldom Seen Kid
2. Kings of Leon - Only by the Night
3. Abba - Gold
4. Jeff Buckley - Grace
5. Gabriella Cilmi - Lessons to be Learned

Fav Foods/Drinks
1. Chocolate
2. G and T
3. Roast Chicken with Bread Sauce
4. Cake
5. Cappucino

Now I need to think about who to forward it on to - well, definitely my cyber sis, Laura, and also Tabatha, Sarita, Chrissie,Juliet

Just off now to let them know and have a look at their latest creations while I'm there! I might be gone awhile!


Juliet said...

Oh thanks Julie. I'll have a think about these questions. Thank you for the lovely comment too - I must say I love your work too, it must be the bright colours LOL! The books are gorgeous.
Juliet xx

Kathleen said...

It's always good to find out a few more things about everyone!!
Glad to see it's not just my hair that doesn't like the damp conditions!!
Kathleen xxx

Sarita said...

Hi Julie,

Sorry for the delay in coming back to you on being tagged, but as you know my computer has not been well for some time!!

I will have a sit down with a cup of tea and think about it!!

Love Sarita xxx