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Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Goodies from the lovely Alex!

As you can see, I've been catching up with my picture taking and one thing I really wanted to show you were the fab makes from Alex when we had a get together at her bouse a few weeks ago now. She made this lovely calendar, candle and the bag they came in, as well as some stamped images in a little wallet. She is amazing, take a look. The photo of the three things isn't great but my batteries were playing up! Finally, the top card is one that Alex had made, and it accidentally found its way into my craft bags when we were packing up!! I told her she should do a bag search before we left, she had so much wonderful stash!!


Kathleen said...

Oh - you thief you!!!
Although to be fair, she did put a lot of temptation in our way!!!
If I ever find my card reader, I'll post some photos of my goodies on my blog!

gina g said...

you naughty girl you lol.Lovely calendar. luv gina xx

Faerielore said...

you naughtly little minx hehehehehe these are all lovely especially the calender yummy

Eisbärin said...

*lol* You little thief, you! But I told you, you could have just kept it and I would have probably never known...
I think we def. have to get together again sometime next year!