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Saturday, 29 August 2009

Happy Christmas to me!!!

Woohoo - how lucky am I!! Hubby bought me my Christmas present today and I'm using it to type this - yep I got me a lap top!! So happy - can blog and surf to my heart's content without being thrown off the family PC. I can also have this in my craft room so that I can craft and keep up on DC and here at the same time! Emily thinks it's a bit unfair that I'm allowed to have an early pressie and they're not! Whatever!!!!

Hope to load up some new cards soon!! 'Tis the season........

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Faerielore said...

WOW how fab !!!!! what a lovely hubby, can i have a lap top too please ??? no oh well never mind. enjoy sis, also thanks for your lovely comment, there such pretty papers xxx

Kathleen said...

Who's a lucky girl then! Bet there's something else you want by the time xmas comes around!!!
It's very liberating. Not got mine in my craft room tho (should do!) - but I use mine in front of the TV. Miss the important bits of CSI tho and have to ask what I've missed!!!